Sketching Course

Sketching Course

Language: English, Hindi

Instructors: Designex Studio

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Sketching Course

This course contains recordings of the sketching workshop. It will teach you the fundamentals of sketching. We will start with the basics and introduce you to techniques that will help you draw well from memory.

To get the maximum results it is advised that students follow all the directions given by our experts, and solve all tasks & assignments given.

What you can expect from this Workshop - basics of drawing, covering main topics, expert guidance, assignments, discussions, community building, live sessions, learning from the best, basics of human anatomy, perspective, revision, etc. 

The topics are as follows - 

○ Pencil holding technique
○ Basic lines practice
○ Draw shapes and forms
○ Geometric forms

○ Light and shadow
○ Adding values to geometric forms
○ Transforming basic forms into objects

○ Fundamentals of the human body 
○ Pose construction through forms
○ Head Drawing
○ Facial expressions

○ Introduction to perspective
○ Constructing objects in perspective
○ Sketching trees and vehicles 

○ Introduction to Composition
○ How to take references
○ Memory sketching
○ Attempting NID question



Solutions to the assignments will NOT be reviewed by the experts.

No doubt sessions 

Students must not share their account details with peers. If any account is found to have multiple users, the account will be suspended and the decision of Designex Studio shall be final. 

Content from the workshop must not be distributed or posted on the internet/blogs/socials: Whatsapp, Facebook, Telegram, Instagram, Youtube, etc.

No refunds will be processed under any circumstances. 

Course once purchased cannot be transferred to another student under any circumstances.

Course Curriculum

Orientation - Sketching workshop (17:00)
1. Recording | Lines, shapes & forms (53:00)
2. Recording | Live session 2 - objects to firms (65:00)
3. Recording | Live 3 - Figure drawing (55:00)
4. Recording | Live session 4 - Head drawing, Looms methods, Form over pose (57:00)
5. Recording | Live 5 - Perspective (58:00)
6. Recording | Live Class 6 - Complex structures (56:00)
7. Recording | Live class 7 - Composition (61:00)
8. Recording | Live session 8 Doubts session (102:00)

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